Reduce your smoking and drinking consumption by

Learning Reading Writing Exercising Meditating

Our Mission

“Our mission is to increase mindfulness by providing playful distractions to cravings.”

How Do We Distract You?

You gain awareness about your consumption.

You decide you want to be more mindful.

Download the PLAYFOOL app

When you get a craving, open the app and get distracted!

Learn something new, take a moment to be thankful or do a short workout.

Track your personal and your community’s progress.

Less cigarettes
Less drinks
= Less CO₂ emissions

Our Community's Impact

0 g
of CO₂ reduced
less cigarettes smoked
less drinks consumed

Our Awards

Coming Soon...

Let our integrated AI help predict your cravings.

Our algorithm will study your distraction habits and predict when you are about to crave a cigarette or a drink.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

We don't gather unnecessary personal infomation.

We aim to distract you – not amass your data. We never ask you for information that isn’t absolutely vital for our legal or functional operations.

We make sure your data is safe and secure.

We store only what’s absolutely required. Your data is safe from hackers, malwares, nasty bugs, and creepy exes.

We don't sell your data, no matter the price.

We don’t believe in selling your data;  we find it fundamentally unethical. It’s yours and you’re trusting us with it. We honor that no matter the offers. 

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